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aHousewife.com is here you can find all the things you did not, know you needed, or the cool DIY project, beauty reviews, pets, kids, or just find the inspiration for your breakfast, lunch, side dish or dinner.

Reflection on 2017
aHousewife.com had been a success, and again ill have reach a more followers more than I ever dreamt off.

2017 is where I kicked off my Etsy shop, and is doing well , over all expectations .

I have been following a bunch of YouTubers, and it hit's me that all these successfull YouTubers har pretty wealthy, and they are not really representing the minority of many viewers . They really represent the dream we all like to have, and most people really can't in their wildest dream get.

I will try to be different.

About me
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Hi thanks for stopping by.
I'm the owner and president of aHousewife.com

1975 I came to Denmark, I was 8 month old, and came directly from Thailand. I was adopted by Danish parents, and I couldn't ask for better parents. The Burning question I always is: do you ever want to go back to find your roots. and the answer is NO, I never felt the need to find my biological parents.

In 1987 I was diagnosed with
SLE also called Lupus. Lupus is latin for Wolf, which give good sense, because the illness sneak upon you. I have been in and out of hospitals most of my life and got transplanted with a new Kidney in 2006. Only a year after I met my husband and got married in 2009.
In 2004 I got published at
Hoest & Son, with a non fiction book called "Bryllupsminder" or " Wedding Memories".

What is waiting in 2018?
This will be my Year for weight loss, because I was serious diagnosed with Diabetes 2 last year and started on insulin, that made me gain lots weight in small amount of time, kind of an evil circle. If I can loos the weight I will get rid of insulin and all medications for diabetes,thats why its so important .

Thats way I have decided to have a year to have minimum dinner dates and social plans so I can focus 100 % on my weight loss.

I discovred that Im weak, so to be successful I have to put all my attention on this , for me and for my health. I have to pull the plug for social gatherings, dinners and to many Birthdays .

I will try to do more vlogs, if I dare, my self-confident is not in top.

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Due to my illness I never did good in school, but I got though business school. After that I kinda took a year of, by enrol in a housekeeping course. I learned to make everything from everyday food to gourmet dinners. I just loved it. No secret that I love food. After the housekeeping course, I was an apprentice in a bookshop that specialised in English literature. I Love to read so it was just perfect for me. I was there for 3 years, and then i got a job in Royal Copenhagen , then my Lupus came back, and this time for real.
The years after I was hospitalised a lot , going to the Dialysis 3 times a week 4 hours every time. 2006 I got a new kidney and my life changed.
Meeting my husband open my eyes for the wonders of computers. And here I am, with my first serious website / Blog… Im very excited.
Disclaimer :
Things reviewed or showed on this page are NOT gifts or free items. Everything has been bought and accounted for according to Danish tax legislation. Many of the things are just re-post of things I think would be nice to buy or try out. Things that are posted are only things that I recommend you to buy. NON of the likes or followers are bought or anyway manipulated .
Recipes are mostly recipes found elsewhere , if so there would be a link. My opinion are my taste and my knowlege of cooking, it don’t mean that the original post is bad . I have attende a year at Suhr’s Housekeeping academy
Suhrs.dk, so I do have an extended knowledge of cooking.
IF any post is Sponsored ( = bought with any advantage ) it will be marked as SPONSORED !
Have a product, website or interested in collaboration/ co-operation please email : to.ahousewife@gmail.com