Ace your base

7 things you might do wrong when putting on your base, Michelle Villett from, comes with some valid points.

1) You’re using powder foundation.
“Why because powder foundation don’t give you the best finish and tend to cake and can even accentuate wrinkles because they settle into creases.”

2) To find your shade, you tested your foundation on the jaw.
“ You should actually test your foundation in three spots : underneath the eyes, on and around the nose and at the neck and jawline”

3) You’re not using primer underneath your foundation.
“Most people look 150% better with primer- really, they do - because it helps your foundation vlide on smoother and stay put longer.”

4) You apply your foundation with your fingers or a sponge.
“The reason foundation brushes are superior is because they user far, far less product and are also ACE at blending - and that means a smoother, more natural, less cake application.”

5) You’re applying foundation All over your face.
“ The purpose of foundation is not in fact, to cover up every square inch of your face, it’s really only supposed to be used on the areas where you need it. Think: the redness around your nose and chin, the darkness underneath your eyes, the random rouge blemishes that your’ve been fighting by night but need to conceal by day”

6) You put your concealer on under, not over, your foundation.
“What is the point of applying concealer if you’re just going to blend it all away by putting foundation on top ?”

7)You’re setting your foundation with tinted powder and a big, fluffy brush.
“I strongly, strongly advise that your invest in translucent powder, which not only works for every single skin tone in existence, but will also prevent that horrendous cake texture from messing up your otherwise bang-on makeup application”

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