Beauté Pacifique D-force


Just IN LOVE, absolute one of those products I would not live without from now on.

"The amount of vitamin Din the creme is ranging up to a remarkable 250IU per mil creme and when the product is applied onto the skin Beauté Pacifique's patented nanometric squalene based delivery system serves as the vehicle to bring the vitamin D though the skin's barrier."

As you may have noticed I have tried out some Danish products and I'll have been pleasant surprised. D-Force risk management, is incredible.
I say that because, I just turned 40, and my skin is really dry, as in dry dry dry skin. I also have LUPUS, which make me have flares - redness, itching and burning sensation in my face. Together with my high daily dose of D-vitamin and this cream, I rarely have those flares. Don't ask why - but it works !! So I wanted to share it with my fellow LUPUS friends, NOT meaning that people with out Lupus should not use it , YOU SHOULD because it doubles as a anti-age cream.

How I use it : In the morning on a clean face. Because it is almost a vaseline texture, you only need a very thin layer on your face, let it sit a minute or two, then apply your daily moisturiser ( I use Embryolisse ) , then you can apply your daily make up or add a mattifying powder to make it less shiny , it actually keep your face nice and moist all day long.

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