Benefit total moisture & it's potent !

Now I have use these over the the past couple of month, and must say I’m pleasant surprised how good especially Total Moisture, facial cream is.

|t’s potent ! - really don’t make any different , not for me at least. Can’t see or feel any change using it, with that said I’m extreme surprised of Total Moisture, and it turned in to my favourite day and night cream. Especially when its this cold outside and your skin get really dry.
You may have notice that Im all bout the smell to... and Total Moisture smells fresh and clean, a bit of refreshing cucumber.
The only down side with this cream is , it contains paraben’s and it have no SPF in, but never the less it really treats dry skin. So its really up to you if you will use it. I use it because it really treat my dry and at times irritated skin. or at your local Sephora
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