Cheeky sweet spot box o' blushes

I just love Benefit, and now for the fist time they have collected they O’ powders together .

I Can’t appraise it enough, I just love Benefit, if you know Benefit, you know what I mean, if you don’t - just buy it or a great Christmas gift wish .
It comes in an adorable tin box, there with be great to save for other use later.

It contains :
0.17 oz Hoola bronzing powder
0.17 oz Coralista a “Rio Pleasure face powder”
0.17 oz Bella Bamba 3D brightening pink face powder
0.17 oz Rocateur Famously Provocative Cheek Powder
0.17 oz Sugarbomb Sugar Rush Flush face powder
0.05 oz Watt’s Up! soft focus highlighter
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