Creme Solaire - sun cream spf 30

It have not gone unnoticed , that one of my favourite brands are Embryolisse, and now sun and summer is soon coming , a Lupus patient like me, need to keep out of the sun or wear a lot of sun screen to prevent skin cancer .

Actually one of Denmark’s leading dermatologist recommend to use sun factor all summer, even though you work inside. Getting to much sun, may result in you getting wrinkled when you get older, and who wants that. I hear many say that they do not use sun screen because why want a tan... WRONG !!! If you want a nice tan and like to keep it for longer, start out with a high factor and the slowly go down in SPF. Remember to exfoliate and moist face and body at the end of the day. That way you get a nice tan and keeping it longer, and preventing to be one wrinkled raisin when you get old.

Embroylisse story begins in 1950, when a Paris hospital dermatologist specialising in skin deceases create the legendary Milk-Cream concentrate.
Crème Solaire is for all skin type, a combination of sun filters, mineral screens and anti oxidant vitamins ensure triple protection against UVA, UVB rays and free radicals to avoid sunburns and premature ageing.
Moisturising complex* retains water, shea butter nourishes the skin favouring even and luminous tanning on supple, smooth skin. Fluid, non-greasy texture.

*The outer layers of the skin.

Cosmetological advice :
Generously apply all over face before exposure to sun, every two hours thereafter and reapplay after swimming. Avoid eye area and prolonged exposure to sun between noon and 4 pm.

It’s great for really sensitive skin, and I do recommend it to people with SLE, LUPUS or other skin problems , because it works for me, but it’s different for person to person how your skin react , so use on own risk.
Great under makeup, just give it 5 min to dry. I always have this crème in my bag, just love it.
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