Eye bases

Chanel fall 2011 Illusion d'Ombre
- by Janice Mbazima

Hey loves,
Primers and bases have become very important in makeup because they do a few things. Those of use who have oily lids can now enjoy waring makeup without creasing of fading off.
A primer is a product that goes all over the lid and or the lover lash line and acts as a butter between you lid and your shadow. It does not allow the oils of your lids to come through and spoil all you hard wrk, you can then put whatever colour on top as it either drys to a cream finish or drys clear.

There is to say they also don’t crease and fade while they have colours. Primers are now so widely available, while yes some don’t do a good job they are so many that do from high end right down to the lowest end. I share a wide range of coloured shadows and a primer.
Using primers for my eyeshadow has become like second nature, its I don’t sip unless / I am wearing no eyeshadow at all.

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