Helosan awesome as a night creme

Yes it sound funny, but have discovered the soothing effect of Helosan. I was run out of night creme and had just bought a small tube of Helosan, well for my dog paws. Well you might think that creme for the dog are not good for you, but exactly Helosan is one of those things that work wonders both on humans and animals.

After taking off make up off and cleaned my face I take a small amount (like a pea size), in the palm of my hand and smear it between my hands and dap it on my face careful not to rub it in.

When you wake up in the morning you find yourself with baby soft skin, do not put on eye lids or in the eyes.

What is Helosan ?
Originally Helosan was ointment formulated to protect cows teats for dehydrating and infections associated with milking.
Today Helosan a classic skin ointment to both humans and animals to care for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.
Helosan moisturises and softens calluses and dry skin and restoring its natural balance. It’s free off dyes and perfumes.

I know you can buy Helosan in Scandinavia ( made in Sweden ), it is a “cheap” cream so it’s very affordable to buy. I haven’t be able to find it in any American store yet. So if you live outside Scandinavia try on eBay or get a friend in Scandinavia to buy and send it to you.

Please remember that is a very fat creme, so very little go far.

NOTE : I find it very good and mild and I can recommend it for people with Lupus.
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