How I SNATCH My Eyebrows


- by Janice Mbazima

Hey beauties, I share with you how I snatch my eyebrows.. one of my cousins GRACE has comments on my brows and I just thought might as well do a video about how I get these brows looking right!!
I love for my brows to not look over drawn, or look to powdery but look natural. I don’t like an over drawn in arch, or too ark of a brow and or even a brow that is way to long for my face, it has to be just right.

As I have had so much practice I find it easy to be consistent with my shape and know how to make them even. I prefer a fuller brow as opposed to pencil thin ones, so ladies its best to never take off too much from your natural brow. So without much more the video will walk you through 2 yes ladies 2 ways of how to SNATCH those brows, I hope you enjoy and I hope it helps you out.

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