Pixi palette bronzette

I first recently discovered Pixi by Petra makeup brand, and wanted to try it out.

The price range is in the lower end, so everybody can afford it ( lower end meaning not as expensive as Chanel or YSL ). This is Pixi’s new palette bronzette Summer Glow, and I must say I’m wildly surprised. Absolutely stunning colours highly pigmented, and can really bring forth your inner glow.

Comes in a very neat package, with a description on the lid so newbies can play along, when I see the colours Im thinking is , summer, beach, sun and pine colada - Vamos a la playa !!
The only negative thing is - there should have been a eyeshadow brush to make it more exclusive.

Create an account to buy@Pixibeauty.com they have a really great Fairy dust system so you can save money on your next buy, and I promised you - YOU WILL BE BACK !
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