Summer glow by Dove

Starting to getting ready for summer and sun, but the cold winter have left you skin pale and boring , Dove is the best self-tanner on the market.

Many self-tanner on the market turn you in to a carrot or make you look like a cheep B!@#% .

Dove make you gradually get your summer glow the good way. And no , you don’t get your glow just using it once, you have to use it everyday.
Did you know how to keep your tan for longer ? I bet you don’t and many end up looking like a lobster.

To keep your summer glove longer you have to start our with a high factor like SPF. 50 or more, gradually turn down the SPF during the summer. Remember to scrub everyday and apply aftersun or moisturiser. I do not make this up at all but got the advice form one of the leading dermatologist in Denmark, who emphasise that you need to wear sunscreen all year round to protect your skin for UVA and UVB.

But this Dove Summer Glow - are a great way to get that extra little glow, with out being out in the sun. Totally natural looking glow what is not to like ?
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