Tips you must know about contouring & highlighting

Tips you must know about contouring & highlighting by barbies beauty bits
by Barbie’s Beauty Bits

Tips Before your start anything :

* Understand the goal of countering and highlighting. It’s about that luminous glow, slimming face & nose, with enhanced cheek bones.
- Contouring will darken
- Highlighting will emphasise

* Use a primer ! I can’t say this enough. This is a non-negotiable for me. Your’re applying a lot to your face, if your don’t use a primer, you’re in for failure.

*Apply your foundation and cover blemishes as normal, prior to. Most leave that part out.

* Be aware of what you are putting on your face. As layering different textures, is what can cause the caked on look or false wrinkles

* Are you a powder or creme person ? Use what you like

* KNOW your face shape! This is what a lot of those video’s leave out. You don’t want to look gaunt, or make your face look fuller. I found this face chart image online, that I think is very helpful.

* Blending is essential, so make sure you use the best blending tool. The wrong tool will mess the entire look up.

* if you have some products at home, try those first before spending any money.

* Look for coupons or cooers, if you’re going to purchase products.

* Purchase them from a place that they can be returned.

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