Top-notch waterproof makeup remover

During the summer holiday, i bought this makeup remover from Camomile , Body Shop. I have been trying several others, but I find this particular good.
It remove eye makeup with no problems, and it fell kind of soothing nor did i get any rashes or the feeling I just wiped my yes with chemicals. Nearly 40 years old, and have tried lot of brands through out my life. You should definitely give it a try next time you are in need of waterproof makeup remover, this will go straight on my favourite list.

NOTE : I do not go around with a whole bunch of water proof makeup, but I do always ware waterproof mascara, don’t want to get in the situation where my mascara is running because of rain. So that are my review based on. If you we are waring a lot of waterproof makeup, its a whole other ball game.
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