Touch Of Gold Glitter

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.15.19 AM
- by Janice Mbazima

Hey loves, Im sorry for post not being frequent… I am studying and sitting a law exam in the next month so may eyes are in my books a lot of time. When I check my blog I see that posts are weeks apart.
End of October things will be different. I got a chance to film this look that I really love. It takes a neutral eye and adds some jazz with glitter on the inner corner. If you wanted to do without the glitter you could and just have a neutral eye. If you have never tried using glitter and you think it may go wrong, this is an easy way to get introduced to using glitter.

When it comes to glitter there is cosmetic glitter made for she eyes which I suggest if new to using glitter. Im happen to have both glitter made for the eyes and arts and craft glitter from an art store or eBay. Be wise where you buy your glitter from and as I point out in the video be careful when using glitter. I purchased my from Lit Cosmetics glitter med for the eyes.

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