Two must have in your Makeup bag

Maybelline Khol Master Drama Ultra black ………Maybelline Master Drama Precise Liner Black.

Most women’s use a Khol or an other sort of other liner, I use black but both Khol and Liner comes in other colours.

The Kohl, is really MUSHY AND THICK and very black , I use it on it upper eye wet line, I have really don’t have beautiful long eyelashes, so by using the black on the upper eye wet line make them seem full.
I use the Liner to make a FINE LINE over the eyelashes and of course i use mascara as well to make them look some kind of okay.
And best of all - it stays on !

Maybelline Khol Master Drama Ultra black and so is Maybelline Master Drama Precise Line Black are really a must have, cheap to buy and phenomenal to use.
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