Wet'n'Wild - Blazed

I must say I have been a bit sceptic about the new strong, flash colours appearing on the nail polish market the last years and it took forever to convinced myself trying out those wild and crazy colours. Compared to my normal Chanel Rouge noire
which is one of the most sophisticated and elegant colours ever made, and absolute one of my favourite and always an arm length away from me,
Wet’n’Wild - Wild Shine - Blazed is joining one of my favourite colours. It’s one of those colours that signals summer and fun, - I rock your conservative way.
E437F Blazed-500x500
Don’t let the colour scare you away, if you are just a bit tanned you will be able to ware this colour. Wet’n’Wild - Wild Shine - Blazed are defiantly a summer colour that are here to stay.
And best of all - Everybody can afford it !!

My hand

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