How to find the right shade of MAC makeup

Make up is a jungle, and if you are like me a sucker for MAC Cosmetics, it’s hard to find the right shades, and what do NW, NC and C and W stand for. Here are a great explanation .

by Elea

MAC foundation , powder, and StudioFix lettering system.

In addition to the number, each shade of MAC foundation, powder, concealer, and StudioFix has letters assigned to it. The letters correspond with the undertones of your sin. The following letters are used:

C Cool - makeup foundation for yellow or olive complexions .
NC Neutral cold - makeup foundation foundation for golden and beige skin
N Neutral- makeup foundation for beige skin
W Warm - makeup foundation for pinkish skin

So, how do you look at your skin and figure out where it fits in MAC’s universe of foundation and posers ?

In general, people golden and yellow skin tones will choose C shades of makeup. People with pink skin tones will choose W shades. If you are not sure what skin tone you have, look at the veins under your skin in your forearm. People with pink skin tones have very blue veins, and people with yellow skin tones tend towards greener veins

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