Bay leaves

Pickled herring with danish rye bread


Lunch today, March 8, 2016
There are many ways to serve pickled herring and may traditions in each home . This is how we served in my family. Pickled herring is a big part of the traditional Danish lunch. Read More...

Cooked pork belly

Dinner tonight, August 26, 2014
Actually this is the more fatty version of the danish pork roast. Some swear by the pork belly version because its kind of fatty/juicy where the pork roast have a tendency to get dry if not cooked right. Serve with gravy, potatoes, red cabbage and a nice big green salad. Read More...

Spiced meat roll open-faced sandwich

Lunch today, April 18, 2014

Also know in Danish as Rullepølse. Here in Denmark we often buy it pre-made from the butcher, but for you guys, where this is not a tradition here are the recipe, not so difficult to make that you might think. A delicious variation is to use lamb instead for pork, which is my favourite ( on the picture ). On the picture its served with Meat Jelly, which is beef stock made as jelly.