First time happy planner


New in this , and to now Ill try to hop on the train with the happy planner. I have always sworn to my LV a5 planner, but thought ill try something new . This is a challenge , because Im so stuck to my old habits, so for 18 month, starting in July.

I think the Happy planner is a brilliant system, and leave you room to experiment with your own ideas and design. I bought "Hello Life" there is an "normal size" and bought by mistake "Stay Golden". So what will I do with both ?? One , the normal Ill use as my main planner, the big one stay golden will be my meal planner for my blog. If you don't know I started to add free recipes with every meal I make, fitting into the regular Happy planner, all you need is the puncher and a scissors .

Must say - Happy Planner is beautiful, and for now - Im really in love

So from July Im all in with the Happy planner world, and can't wait to see if "The Happy Planner" is something for me.
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