Chorizo breakfast sandwich

Breakfast today, July 31, 2015
One of our favourite holiday breakfast, if you going to treat your hubby (or wife) with something special
3 servings
  • 150 g small chorizo sausages, halved lengthwise
  • 4 eggs, beaten
  • 3 whole wheat buns
  • 150 g bacon
  • jalapeno, freshly sliced or pickled
1) In a hot pan cook the bacon to golden, let them drain on kitchen towel
In the same pan , place the cut - down -side of the chorizo and cook in the bacon fat 1 min and turn and give et one more minute. Let it drain on kitchen towel
Cut the whole wheat buns in half and them lightly on both side on a toaster.
In a bowl beat the eggs with a pinch of fresh ground pepper and a pinch of salt
Turn down the heat ( or turn off ) and add the egg to the pan ad make your scrabble eggs
Layering the sandwich: On the bottom half layer bacon, egg, chorizo, jalapeño and top half, then serve.
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