Duck breasts

Duck stew

Dinner tonight, December 14, 2015
Great stew, will point out - add the duck as the last part of the recipe, so it just get heated through, otherwise it get hard and VERY dry. Read More...

Asian inspired duck salad

Lunch today, November 30, 2015
Delicious lunch, quick and easy to make, if you love asian food, you definitely like this Read More...

Slow cooker civet de canard

Dinner tonight , November 11, 2014
Great dish that “take care “ of it self.. so tasteful and delicious , great alternative celebrating ST. Martin’s Feast ( Holiday celebrated in Denmark , where you usually eat goose go duck ). Read More...

Rice paper roll with 2 x dipping sauce

Dinner tonight, June 11, 2014
THE perfect finger food ever, so delicious and so easy, and only your fantasy sets the limit of what you can put in the rolls. This is just what you need for the basic rice paper rolls. Read More...