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Cowboy butter


Side dish tonight 4 July, 2017
One of those side dishes there is heavenly sinful . Absolutely delicious and is so good with steak or any kind of meat or grilled vegestable . Read More...

Cheddar bacon hamburgers

CheddarBacon Hamburgers

Dinner tonight, October 5, 2016.
As my husband says everything with bacon is a hit. Was absolutely delicious I added a bit of mayo on the bun and barbecue sauce for dressing. Read More...

Horseradish pork chops

Dinner tonight, March 12, 2015
Not hot at all, but you get the hint of horseradish, delicious, and a great way to variate a normal boring pork chop Read More...

Gourmet steak tartare

Lunch today, June 2, 2014
As I know it as a Lunch dish, and are usually served on many gourmet “smoerbroeds” restaurants here in Denmark. Not many like the thought of raw meat, but if you have to try it , this taste really good. Read More...