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Stuffed chicken with meat and mushrooms


Dinner tonight, November 24, 2017
Great alternative for Thanksgiving. I made this because we are only two for Thanksgiving ( we don't celebrate Thanksgiving in Denmark). I didn't like if was standing with loads and loads of turkey leftovers, there is only so many days you like to eat dry turkey dishes . So I made this where we don't wast any food. Read More...

Stir-fry with curried cabbage


Dinner tonight, 19 October , 2017
Easy, Easy delicious and fulfilling dish , great for busy moms. Read More...

Rice paper roll with 2 x dipping sauce

Dinner tonight, June 11, 2014
THE perfect finger food ever, so delicious and so easy, and only your fantasy sets the limit of what you can put in the rolls. This is just what you need for the basic rice paper rolls. Read More...

Pork and cream cheese tortellini

Dinner tonight, May 27, 2014
Delicious and creamy tortellini a great way to just cheep cut of pork Read More...