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Inspiration to Valentine's dinner

Get inspiration video to a Valentine’s dinner.
Worse or best Valentine’s gift ?

The 14 of february, we celebrate Valentine’s day all over the world and its time to show love for your loved one(s). Ill came up with this delicious dinner, to show my love for my husband, like so many others he loves food, and a well prepared meal is what he appreciate the most, because we usually have very busy days, and it end up in , I fixing a quick dinner most of the time.

Ale braised lamb shanks
Brownie cake with cream cheese filling

Because I had to make this in advanced, I already got my Valentine’s gift... Nintendo Wii U Fit .... I have been wishing for this for along time, and now I can start my yoga ... I also got a ring from the jeweller P.Hertz ( appointed of the Danish Royal court ) .

What is your best / worse Valentine’s gift ? Please answer below .

Happy Valentine’s day you all - I hope you have a great and romantic day.

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