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Thanksgiving dinner

Say thanks to the people you love with the perfect dinner.

Startes I made something fishy:

500 g of sliced smoked salmon
250 g of cream cheese green herb flavour
Thin slices of Surimi
Salmon roe

It have to be wrapped tight and be cooled down for several hours before serving, so it’s easy to cut out. (see video how to make the role)
I served it with fried prawns and toasted bread with Shippams gourmet salmon cream cheese. On the side and for the funny crunch i served
Extra crunchy king prawn cocktail crisps with thousand island mayo dip, I used Hellman’s real mayonnaise, ketchup, sour cream, Saxa black pepper , Maldon Sea Salt , worcestershire sauce. I don’t have the recipes, because it’s just something I make all the time.

I also baked biscuits from Betty Crocker Bisquick
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