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Aladdin lunchbox

Some years ago I gave this lunchbox to my husband for Christmas, and oh man.... he had enjoyed it ever since, we even saved money.

As I make dinner to 4 persons every night ( almost ), and we are only 2 people, there is one serving left for his luck next day. I eat one portion, husband 2 portions and then there is 1 portion left for lunch. If you make dinner anyway, then make additional portions for you and your husband for lunch.

You just screw off the lid and lay it on top of the box, and put it in the microwave... how awesome is that ? And yes... we save money, because if I don’t make a lunch he will buy food in the canteen, which is bad and pricy.

*Double wall foam insulation
*keeps contents hot/cold for 5 hours
*Microwave safe
*100% leakproof lid
*2 individual containers link together
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