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Artisan fire pizza oven

The deluxe outdoor pizza oven, show off your pizza skill at the outdoors parties

“ Great artisan pizza aren’t about the wood. They’re about the flame, The large open flame in the Kalmazoo Artisan Fire Pizza Oven mimics the heat of a wood-fire piazza oven, but it also gives you the control and responsiveness a wood-fired pizza oven i missing. The artisan fire pizza oven from Kalamazoo is ready to cook in a little as 20 minutes. With just a 45-minute pre-heat it can cook a perfect Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 3 minutes.
Choose an outdoor gas pizza oven that i easy to use, easy to live with and make great artisan pizzas.”

* 42,000 BTUs NG or 35, 000 BTUs LP
* Responsive ceramic cooking deck and composite ceiling liner for enhanced heat dynamics.
* Low-maintenance stainless steel construction
* Easy-clean debris tray
* Open-door cooking lets your enjoy the flame and pul pizzas out with perfect timing; door included for when oven is not used.
* Cooks more than pia; roasts, Meats, and vegetables and bake breads
* 24” x 18” cooking deck
* 30” x 30” footprint
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