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Gastroback - design coffee advanced

I had this coffee machine for a couple of month now, and what a pleasure !

My husband and I gave each other this for Christmas, because for a long time we had just use those cheep coffee brewers and when our last one got so calcified we agreeded to buy a really nice one.
One there could make one cup ( for me staying at home housewife ) and one there could make a pot ( if we have guest ). We got the whole idea from my cousin, when we went for dinner and they served us the most delicious coffee, and thought that this was something we just have to get.

This Gastroback advanced is AWESOME, it can make you a cup or make you a pot. It can even do it on time so its read for you in the morning. You can also choose how strong and how flavourfull you like your coffee. And it grind up your favourite beans too.

I will strongly recommend that you use filter and not the gold filter there comes with it. As it really have to clean a lot , the paper filter you can just through out and just rinsing the canister.

Awesome awesome awesome and is one of my favourite kitchen gadgets I ever had.
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