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Gastroback - slow cooker advanced

This year in June i got this slow cooker for birthday present, and I must say, that it’s one of the best present I ever got.
Not only it’s a slow cooker , but it’s a rice cooker and a steamer.... Gastroback Multicooker Advanced is one of the best !

* slow cooker, rice cooker and steamer in one appliance
* ideal for healthy meals, gentle , slow cooking
* lots of individual settings possible, e.g.:
- Risotto
-also suitable for steam cooking
-slow cooking function : Cook with 70ºC or 95ºC
-automatic keep-warm function
* versatile use : e.g. different rice dishes, risotto, stews, super, etc.
* retains valuable nutrients, vitamines and minerals
* 3.7 lire capacity- for approximately 20 protons of rice
* heat-resistant glass lid
* stainless steel design with “cool touch” handle
* accessories : stainless steel steamer (e.g. for vegetable , seafood & poultry) measuring cup, serving spoon, 20 recipe ideas
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