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Three course electric steamer.

Great for the healthy single, couple and even a small family , that wants to cook healthy, but have a busy lifestyle.

“ This is the only electric steamer that cooks three different foods at different temperatures yet completes each at the same time, enabling simultaneous, precise cooking of a complete meal. Three separate compartments can hold salon filets, fingerling potatoes, and broccoli, and simply selecting “fish”, root vegetables,” and “vegetables” on the LCD control panel cooks all three until they are perfectly tender and moist. The unit cooks up to three servings in each steaming compartment, allowing you to easily cook healthy family meals without adding butter or oils required in other cooking methods. A drawer allows more water to be added to the reservoir more water to be added to the reservoir while the unit is steaming, the touch of a button keeps food warm without overcooking, and the plastic steaming chambers and lids are dishwasher safe.”
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